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Welcome to Chadwell St Mary’s best gardening and lawn service! We will turn your outdoor area into a beautiful paradise. Our team of experts is working to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. We can customise our services to fit your specific preferences and requirements. With our services, your garden will be both beautiful and relaxing.


  • Customised garden plans based on your ideas and way of life
  • Green methods and sustainable landscaping options
  • Certified and skilled gardeners and landscapers
  • Full maintenance plans for all-year garden care
  • Reasonable prices with a dedication to quality

About Us

At Amazing Gardeners, we’re proud to offer incredible gardening and landscaping services. That are especially designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our team is committed to making your vision come true. They have years of experience and a passion for building beautiful outdoor spaces. Our experts use innovative techniques, to make sure your garden looks fantastic.

Services we provide in Chadwell St Mary

Garden maintenance

With our routine maintenance services, you can keep your garden healthy and lush. We make sure your yard gets the care it needs, from mowing the grass to trimming the plants. Our staff takes advantage of the newest methods and tools to keep your plants healthy and vibrant.

Garden clearance

To revitalise your garden, remove unattractive and overgrown plants. We remove weeds, dead plants, and debris for a clean slate, whether it's a one-time or continuing removal. Our effective service leaves your yard tidy and prepared for fresh growth.

Tree service

Skilled tree care that guarantees both safety and beauty, from pruning to removal. Our arborists do stump shaping, and trimming to keep your trees healthy and safe.

Pressure washing

Our pressure washing revives roads, patios, and other outdoor areas. We restore your hard surfaces to a moss and dirt-free condition. This procedure reduces slips and improves appearance.

Soft and hard landscaping

You can use living things to make your garden look better and be more useful. This is called "soft landscaping.". In contrast, hard landscaping uses non-living materials to give a landscape shape, structure, and purpose. We take care of all aspects of landscaping, including patios and garden beds. Our all-inclusive method guarantees a stunning and harmonious landscape.


Laying down turf, which is already grown grass, is a quick and effective way to make a lawn grow. For a new, green look, lay down new turf or fix up old ones. With our superior turf and skillful installation, you can be sure of a lush, smooth lawn. Our experts can also guide you on lawn care and the ideal turf for your soil and climate.

Fence installation

With our long-lasting fence installation services, we improve security and privacy. We provide traditional timber panels and modern metal designs as fencing options. Our installations are made to endure and give your home both value and beauty.

Outdoor repairs

Our professionals repair patios and fences to keep your yard looking good. Regular maintenance can keep little problems from getting worse.

Waste removal

Clear yard trash and garbage to maintain your outdoor space. When possible, we recycle lawn trimmings and large branches. Our prompt and thorough service helps keep gardens tidy.

Why Choose Amazing Gardeners in Chadwell St Mary?

Choosing us means investing in innovation, dependability, and quality. We customise our services to fit your needs and make sure that every job is done to the highest level. Unlike other companies, we are dedicated to quality and customer happiness. Let us help you make your dream garden come true!

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